Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Summer Shade

coloring silhouettes

Coloring Silhouettes

This is the time of year that just about everyone is looking for a little relief from the sun. ‘Back to school time’ has started and this calf seems to be saying “Mom, do I really need to wear a mask to school?” All of the cattle are enjoying this lush pasture near Downer, Minnesota while hanging out in the cool shade. It’s a reminder that droughts do go away. What do you think the mother cow is saying to her calf?

Silhouettes are often shown as black shapes against a sunrise or sunset. For a good silhouette, objects need to have an interesting and descriptive shape. It is a powerful way to simplify a subject. In this piece, I saw the back-lit cattle as statues in the distance and changed their color as I went across. In the foreground, the cattle appear larger, a little darker and with only a few more details. Notice how the darkest darks of the mother and calf are against the lightest grasses emphasizing the center of interest.

New Cards

Please see the newest card styles added to my website. Because they are numbered by date, they show up towards the bottom, so keep scrolling down. There are three new styles right before the Christmas cards and one new Christmas card style at the very bottom.










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