About Ellen Jean Diederich
Ellen Jean Diederich, RRWS, TWSA, WW, WSA

Ellen Jean Diederich with studios in Rancho Mirage, CA & Fargo, ND is a National award winning painter creating Neo-Impressionistic paintings on canvas and paper in both watercolor and acrylic. Ellen’s rural and city backgrounds play a significant role in her choices of subject matters. She particularly enjoys painting landscape, flowers, architecture and domesticated animals. Proud of her Midwest heritage, Diederich brings sincerity and love to each painting.

Having earned a BA in Art Education and a BFA in Fine Art Ellen is an honored alumnus of Minnesota State University-Moorhead. Diederich has been painting professionally since 1985. She has exhibited widely and was featured in Fargo at the Plains Art Museum and the Underbrush Gallery, The Rourke Art Museum in Moorhead, The Capital Gallery in Bismarck and Jean Stephen Galleries in Minneapolis and many more in the Dakotas and Minnesota.

Diederich is also the author and illustrator of two award winning children’s books and one art book “Progressive painting -Your Creative Journey” as well as a workshop instructor and juror.

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Artist Statement

With the recent addition of a studio in Rancho Mirage, CA and my home base in Fargo, ND,  my interest in portraying  the landscapes has increased. My Neo-Impressionistic painting style developed by falling in love with a flat brush and turning it like a calligraphy pen so it was unidentifiable. Calligraphic shapes are created and interlocked which blend more in watercolor and stand out in my acrylic paintings.

Painting in North Dakota has encouraged me to explore the beauty of light on a flat plane. This experience helps me enhance what I  see in my other favorite subject matters: flowers, architecture and domesticated animals.

In the design phase I focus on shapes in space, using light and contrast to add depth as they move through the picture plane. After drawing out my subject carefully, I select a dominant color theme and begin painting. My paintings are very active and it is exciting to edit them towards their specific goal.


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