Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Fall Equinox

When is a Painting Done?

When is a Painting Done?

In the fall, the Earth’s tilt is moving away from its maximum lean towards the Sun. Its rays are aiming directly at the equator. Fall Equinox features those early morning rays of sunlight striking the tree tops as the sun rises. Some trees are slower to change color. The darker green leaves bring these trees closer in the foreground. They are mostly underneath the huge foliage above them, safest from the frost. The Evergreens in the background are golden at the top primarily because of the effect of this unique light direction. This 75” x 48” acrylic painting on canvas has indeed been very challenging.

Many artists ask, “How do you know a painting is done?” A feeling of sureness is a real strong indicator that you should stop. I swear I hear a humming in my head that tells me I’m there. Paintings may be done anytime their level of detail is balanced. Going further in one area usually requires more work overall. Last spring, I left this painting on my easel in my California studio as I wasn’t sure it was done. It was the right decision. The straight up and down of the trees trunks side by side was what bothered me most. I worked on the curves of the trunks as they move away from trees near them when they grow. Waiting is a good idea rather than frantically trying to finish. Sometimes it helps to hide a piece in order to get a fresh perspective on it or look at it in reverse in a mirror. Again, give yourself time to spot any technical difficulties you miss in your enthusiasm before you frame it.







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