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Painting of the Week – Snow Day

Color Temperature Dominance

Color Temperature Dominance

We Northerners each develop a relationship with snow. As a kid, my bedroom window looked out on our driveway. My sisters and I admired the candle flames my Dad made backing up in the morning snow.  You hear snow plows, snow blowers and shovels working to clear sidewalks and driveways. A Snow Day was the best as it meant sleeping in, no school and plenty of white stuff to play in. One cannot deny that a blanket of white snow on the trees is a beautiful sight.

In Snow Day, a trace of light with an Orange cast from the sunrise is just beginning to peer along the horizon. Orange is the compliment of the dominant blue in this painting. By varying it from Yellow to Rose in light values adds a little zip, warmth and beauty. The Green house and hint of Violets extend the dominant Blue. Having a dominant color & temperature is important to the strength and mood of a painting and the key to a beautiful palette.





P.S. Wishing you a White Christmas!



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