Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Neighbor’s Garden

Leading the Eye

Leading the Eye

Do you love seeing gardens along a driveway? The flowers in Neighbor’s Garden made me stop and take pictures on my daily walk. Many of us adorn the sides of our house with attractive plants and bushes to minimize that foundation line. Sometimes when we immediately park in the garage when arriving home, we miss how beautiful our side gardens are. It’s very nice to have neighbors provide a pleasant view when we look out our windows.

Objects overlapping can lead the eye. Notice a strong T shape connecting the Delphiniums with the tree trunk crossing at the fence and yard line. Strong diagonals in the flowers are reinforced by a Yellow Z in the grass leading you to the sitting place. The complementary Yellows and Violets enliven the flower arrangement. The depth of the background was built up using many subtle related neutrals.







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