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Painting of the Week – Garden Song

Organizing Overlapping Shapes

Organizing Overlapping Shapes

When you paint a flower garden you quickly realize flower arranging takes skill. It takes time to understand how each flower has different petals that connect differently to the stems with their unique thin paper like shapes. “Where’s Petunia?” is a great book for children to learn flower identification. For example, the White Phlox in “Garden Song” are made up of many simple little flowers that group together creating a cone like shape. With their irregular spikes, the Purple Salvia is clearly defined with the Phlox as a backdrop. The perennials, unlike this painting, are dormant now to return and bloom next spring.

Flowers are a challenging subject to organize and paint. It’s easy to get lost in all the leaves petals and shadows. To reduce confusion, I usually draw and paint the main leaves and flowers first and later add the smaller under flower patterns for depth. Perennials generally grow as a clump creating an overall big shape.  Overlapping the big shape with other flowers can be very attractive. Letting some flowers to separate from the clump and weave into others suggests freedom. Creating a directional flow of colored flower groups is also helpful.

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