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Painting of the Week – Habitat

Vibrant Reds

Vibrant Reds

My Zinnias are finally blooming after being chomped down twice by the rabbits. I used “Critter Crumbs” to keep the bunnies away. I love these flowers as they bloom they change shape and are magical. In “Where’s Petunia?”, Brittany showed a flower to her sister and said, “Look how high the center perches on top. The zinnias look like they are wearing miniature crowns.”  These Zinnias were photographed at a neighbor’s house while the butterflies were visiting.

Habitat has a different organization of space. The butterflies and various bugs flying around it remind me space ships landing. They were so graceful. Normally I overlap more of the flowers for connection but this time I wanted the viewer to feel the dimension of space between the flowers and the leaves.

Habitat is all about color. Red is so exciting and fun to vary and harmonize with other colors. A variety of layering techniques were used to make some flowers cooler or warmer in color. Green, the complement to red is the second dominant color in the painting and the bright yellow greens really bring this painting to life.


Color Design Workshop

Fargo Holiday Inn | October 5th-9th

(Online and in Person)

We will explore and practice many layering techniques, color dominance, and warm & cool palettes in my upcoming Color/Design class. I booked two big beautiful rooms at the Holiday Inn so students can spread out and each have a 6 foot table. We have a large TV screen so you can paint away in your spot yet but watch up close. I will come around in my mask to help. It will be fun working with students in person and online. Please don’t let Covid-19 keep you away. This class is limited to 12  physical participants.









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