Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Loch Lomond

Dramatic Darks

Dramatic Darks

Here is a view or Loch Lomond from our pool at dusk. The mountain still had light on it at sunset and the tree in the foreground was lit up with a spotlight. It was difficult to tell what was in the foreground, so I simply showed enough water to display the dramatic mountain reflection. The water was very still. I love how this painting captures the mood of the moment.

This painting is predominantly Blue. Light hits the flat surface of the ground which is left in the complementary Orange family in a very small proportion. The velvety darks were mixed on the paper and change all the way across the page. In other words, I set dark colors side by side to run together moving from left to right rather than pre-mixing one single dull dark color. The descriptive dark shape dramatically creates interest and simplifies the painting.







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