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Painting of the Week – Night Driving

Value Proportions

Value Proportions

Driving down roads introduces us to many beautiful views. Despite the fact that the road is often my direct point of view, many times I compose to avoid or limit the space allowed for it in my paintings. In Night Driving, the road takes center stage. The white line along the side of the road is a comfort. It was a good thing Paul was driving towards this big blue mountain that mesmerized me. There is nothing like watercolor to capture the light as the sun rays slip to the other side of the mountain. I love this tiny little painting that displays the glow of our man made lights in early dusk.

This painting is about proportions and contrast. The lightest lights are very small. Medium values next to darks almost always make a beautiful transition. The sparkles of light contrast greatly and stand out. They create an interesting edge and balance with their small proportions.







The Red River Watercolor Society National Juried Exhibition is online this year with big prizes. The deadline for entry is March 9th

I recommend you enter by March 7th as staff will be there to help you with your online application if needed.

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