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Painting of the Week – Green & Gold

Working with Pointed Shapes

Working with Pointed Shapes

This spring I planted three Giant Yellow Marigolds in a Turquoise pot and placed it on my picnic table in the back yard. The organization designed into each bud is amazing! Each bloom has a Yellow-Green stem-like structure underneath that holds tightly compacted individual petals to create the rounded flower shape. I love the bright Yellow glow this bouquet adds to our porch!

There are all kinds of spiky leaves ranging from Dark-Green to Light-Blue in Green & Gold. Pointed shapes are very active, powerful and create direction. That fact made the mass of pointed leaves a design issue in this painting. Some leaves were grouped and blended into the background while others singled out by utilizing less or more contrast in value. The palette was greatly enhanced by using the complement Violet with a wide range of Yellows from Yellow-Orange to Yellow-Green, and a full spectrum of greens all the way to Turquoise.


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2021 FMVA Studio Crawl

October 2-3 from 12:00-6:00p.m

See Green & Gold and pick up a map at the Studio Crawl Show at the Plains Art Museum. This exhibit opens Today, September 9th – December 11th, 2021 and allows you to view works by the 38 artists in the crawl to help you select studios you want to visit. I will have maps at my studio during the crawl if you prefer to pick one up then.

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