Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Picking Apples

Brush Stroke Direction

Brush Stroke Direction

It is Labor Day weekend! I hope you get all your work done and enjoy this most colorful time of the year. I envy the young lady in Picking Apples as she only needs a basketful. When our apples come in, there is a lot of work….usually in October and then I make Apple Butter. I picked and baked a pie the first time this apple tree grew enough fruit to make one. The most wonderful scent floated through the house when I took it out of the oven. How special it is to bake with freshly picked apples.

In Picking Apples, I noticed that many of the brush strokes move downward from the left. It makes sense as they stem from the trunk of tree, but is surprising since the light is coming from the right. Notice how the figure is both connected “using light against light or dark against dark leaves” and contrasted “light against dark” to the background.

This painting will be exhibited at the

Art Educators Exhibition at the Plains Art Museum

Starion Gallery – Plains Art Museum | September 16th-January 8th

Help us celebrate art educators, instructors, & advocates who contribute to our communities & inspire new generations of artists

Times: Monday-Friday 11am-5pm, Saturday 10am-5pm Public Reception: TBD


Color Design Workshop

Fargo Holiday Inn | October 5th-9th

(Online and in Person)

I am continuously experimenting with color and it never gets old.  It is so exciting to push colors in another direction. In this course we will practice powerful ways to use and beautify your color palette. Read more online, download the educational information when you sign up. It’s going to be fun! We have a great video manager, a nice big room and television monitors so you can watch up close and keep your distance. Masks may be required.









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