Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Lioness

Seeing Shapes

Throw Back Thursday – Seeing Shapes

This lioness was painted by me, at home, unsupervised, at age seventeen. Since lions don’t hang out in Staples, MN, you might accurately guess that this was referenced from a National Geographic Magazine. Notice my amateur but sincere interest in trees. Painted with a love for cats, this oil painting clarified for me that I should be an artist. I gave the painting to my Dad, age 91 now, and he has it at the nursing home. 

When I started this oil painting, the lioness’s face was going really well. Her back should have curved upward more, but what really gave me trouble were her paws. They had no strength or structure. I wasn’t aware of right-brain drawing then (a technique where you turn things upside down to see shape relationships) but the decision was made by me to get them right.  I slowed down and concentrated on the shapes.  They were tough, but being able to do that gave me confidence in my ability.








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