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Painting of the Week – Daisy Doodles

Revisiting an Early Subject

Revisiting an Early Subject

One of my early paintings, in fact it is hanging in my garage today, is an oil painting of daisies painted with a palette knife. It was created in a night class with Rose Edin in Staples, MN when I was about 17. My father made a big 24” x 36” stretcher for me. It was so difficult to paint the daisies with a palette knife. Rose taught us about dynamic design and how you arrange the subjects at diagonals to create movement. Mine were at diagonals but were spaced rather evenly apart and all the same size. She showed me how to connect the flowers by adding a larger one that overlapped, making it a much better painting.

Daisy Doodles takes overlapping to a whole new level. This painting began with the idea to introduce strong warm colors into the background using a grid. Gouache was added to introduce some beautiful opaque colors and depth. I like how the yellow breaks through the middle and runs into a large violet flower.







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