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Painting of the Week – Protective Council

Papa, Baby, Mama

Papa, Baby, Mama

These bison are resting in the sunshine, but Mom still keeps a watchful eye open. Animals also look to their parents when there is danger. Family is such a powerful force in our lives and I enjoy relating human characteristics to the animals in my paintings.

See the transparent washes in the background and softly blended edges. Protective Council is painted in acrylic on watercolor paper using both transparent and opaque techniques. The bone structure is formed by connecting strong planes and circles that form muscles and features.  For example, the calf’s nose is painted as a triangular shape.

“Papa, Baby, Mama” is also a valuable compositional design idea to use for arranging shapes. It uses three related shapes in varied sizes and the odd number alone adds interest. Extending their shapes off the edge of the paper adds to the intimacy of the piece. The calf’s leg is the strongest invitation, leading you up a powerful asymmetrical space between the mother and family.

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