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Coloring Your Whites

Coloring Your Whites

When you arrive home at night, it is a beautiful time of day. The colors are especially vibrant, warmest in the evening and cool in the morning light. It is fun to see the difference. The sun sets and rises at a slightly different angle and time every day. I was in California in January where I learned the sunset was around 4:30 p.m. I wouldn’t be home before dark if I didn’t leave for my walk by 4:15. When commissioned to paint this beautiful home in Fargo, I walked over several times to choose the best time of day to photograph it. Notice how the big tree behind the house was partially shaded by the one right of it.

White is the most reflective color and a colored sky visually colors any white surface.  Coloring your whites is a great place to learn about mixing color. You have the widest range of colors available to explore with the least amount of contrast. This absolutely destroys fear. Painting whites with acrylic is nothing short of fun! The interesting ornamental columns in the yard let me explore different colors of white in shadow.

It has been over a year since I had a show in Fargo and it was fun to see so many dear friends at my Mother’s Day Sale. Thank you for coming! Appointments are always welcome!







“Good Vibrations”, Medora Frei’s and my exhibit is still up until the end of May at The Capital Gallery in Bismarck, ND. Here is what Judith Hammer said:

“TCG guests are loving your work. They stand back, move forward, look closely and exclaim how beautiful your paintings are. Well received and admired show. Bravo!”


This is the last week to sign up for my Plan & Paint with Acrylic class.

You can hold your spot with a $75.00 deposit.

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