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Painting of the Week – In For A Ride

Painting Around Your Whites

Painting around your Whites

I was hanging out with my camera taking pictures before a trail ride, while they searched for a horse for me that was extremely safe. Jerry Seinfeld apparently asks for the same type of ride.  He mentioned you might get a horse named Gluestick or one that is so short your feet drag along the ground with such a request.  The riders, who mounted their horses right away, looked very comfortable. I had trouble putting my feet in the stirrups even though my ride was barely taller than my hip.  I don’t remember my horse’s name, but do remember my horror when he stepped in a hole and I lurched forward. The stirrups hung onto my shoes and I visualized hanging in front of my horse upside down and him rolling on top of me. Luckily, I had the sense to lean back and he was able to regain his balance.  He was very agreeable to the clicking of my camera.

In For A Ride is a great example of saving the white paper. Probably, the toughest skill beginners in watercolor need, is learning to paint around the whites. In watercolor we use the white paper as white, add more water for light colors and less water for darker colors. I used to write a big W on a white part early in my career to remind me.

Watch this short time lapse video here showing how you can paint around your whites and connect your subject to the background.


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Time Lapse – HD 1080p from Ellen Diederich on Vimeo.


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