Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Silver Sands

Displaying Peace

Displaying Peace

Travel bans and rules have prevented us from visiting Grand Cayman, our favorite Caribbean Island haunt. In this scene, the early morning sun sparkles across the beach lighting up the chairs. The beach was quiet then, but now it is more quiet than ever. To go there you have to quarantine inside your condo for 14 days and the closest you can get to the beach is your patio… until you are allowed to remove the digital ankle bracelet. In the news, you may have heard about the gal who was arrested for breaking quarantine in order to watch her boyfriend surf, the punishment they gave her, and how serious Cayman is about Social Distancing. This just happens to be our patio view. Cayman has been very successful at keeping their COVID19 numbers down.

This painting is very restful because of the long horizontal bands across the landscape displaying peace. The repetitive shapes are arranged to overlap and separate in a vertical or horizontal manner creating a subtle rhythm is called a static composition. The cool color dominance also adds to the feeling of peace.

I wish all of you and your family safety during the pandemic.









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