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Painting of the Week – Heading Out

Roughing in a Painting

Roughing in a Painting

With acrylic, I draw up a sketch and rough it in. However, this time my canvas didn’t have the same proportions as my sketch. The Capital Gallery in Bismarck is featuring my work in April through May along with Medora Frei from Bismarck. This is one of several unfinished watercolor and acrylic paintings in progress for the show that I am excited about. With Covid-19, I’m not sure if there will be an official opening yet, but the gallery is open for you to stop in and look.

This week I became a grandmother. Each of us fits the true definition of originality – we are multiple working selections fit into a frame and are so reminded of that when you see an infant; all of her chromosomes aligned in a unique and beautiful manner. Birth is amazing, as all of us know, and humbling to me as an artist.

Roughing in a painting starts with the arrangement of shapes. My original plan included three horses but because I changed to a longer rectangular format, the white mane on the central horse cut the painting in half. Adding the horse and rider plus the one peering in improved the composition greatly. There are still drawing issues and changes that must be made on this painting, but it is a fun start! The colors in this painting are unified by a dominance of medium and dark values (the lightness of darkness of a color).

Please feel free to visit my website. Original paintings are on view at the Underbrush Gallery in Fargo, the Sapphire Gallery in Jamestown and the Capital Gallery in Bismarck at this time. Feel free to send me inquires at any time!









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