Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Dockside

Rhythmic Pattern

Rhythmic Pattern

This 1997 original was from a group of photographs I took of Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco years ago. It is a part of an ongoing series. The combination of the boats and piers fascinated me. When asked by a friend and contractor to donate an original to the AGC Foundation, this was what I thought might raise a lot of money. I had the freedom to use any means to make it work.

Armed with a new set of watercolor pencils, the boats were drawn and I began painting. It was fun but the painting still needed something. After staring at the piece, I decided to use the watercolor pencils to draw an irregular grid over the painting. My first thought was to fill some of the rectangles in with different colors, but instead I chose to lift shapes out using the grid as a guide. The lifting was done with a sense of balanced rhythmic pattern and I stopped when the painting came alive.




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