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Painting of the Week – Origin

Simple Variations are Expressive

Simple Variations are Expressive

“Origin” was started during my “Painting Flowers in Watercolor Workshop” in order to emphasize the importance of leaves. I had no idea I would like this painting so much, but all I did is concentrate on the sketch and select what I wanted to paint. I also took a break and finished it later.

Leaves are probably the most abused subject matter by painters, especially in flower paintings. Painting those beautiful blooms may be our goal but they also have leaves and stems. The viewer will notice how we deal with them. We need to keep our attention when making decisions about how we will paint all parts of a subject. The difference is love. Often a symbol is chosen as a short cut on parts found less interesting.

Symbolic leaves might look like this:

Sometimes I ask….”You didn’t want to paint those leaves, did you?” The truth is, they probably didn’t. You do not have to paint in every detail of something until you are bored to death… you simply need to slow down and select a few details to accent, connect some shapes, and vary sizes and value. Of course, this all gets easier with experience. I have done my share of bad leaf paintings too.





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