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Painting of the Week – Swaths of Gold

Shadows and thoughts

There is a farmer who has planted wheat in these fields on County Road 20 in Minnesota for the last two years. Between the rolling hills and his care in cutting swathes, he created this amazing scene. I wish he would magically tell me when he will be bailing this year. Anyhow, the stripes in the field combined with the shadows are most interesting. This was quite complicated to draw and paint, so this watercolor was created as a successful study. Check out “Swaths of Gold” at the Pekin Art Show, an amazing art event that attracts artists and people from all over and benefits the truly special Nelson Arts Council. You will be surprised and want to go again.

In this painting, the center of interest is the curving lines in perspective crisscrossed by the shadows from the nearby trees. The shadows are cooler and change in color when going over green or going over yellow. It was also fun to show the aerial perspective (objects appearing lighter and cooler in color in distance) so the violet trees in the distance could complement the gold fields.







Choose a Goal for a Painting Session

“Sunrise” is in the American Watercolor Society Associate Online Member Show.


My Beginning Watercolor class July 12th-15th now has only a few spots open. The big screen lets you watch me while you paint. I love this course as it always improves my  watercolor skills too as the exercises really warms you up for painting. It is so much fun to meet in person again and go around and help students individually. After the class, video is edited and you can log on again to watch & paint again on your own for free. Sign up today!


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