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Painting of the Week – Sugar Plum Visions

Snowy Branches

Snowy Branches

It’s getting to be a Winter Wonderland out there. As a kid, our yard had the biggest hill, so all of the neighbor kids came to slide down it.   After each snow, the first one down the hill had the responsibility of making a good path and it was slow going down. Shortly after that, our yard looked like streets packed with icy snow. One goal was to see who could go the furthest into Mr. Stein’s yard. On our bright colored mini-boggans, we would yell at the top of the hill “Scooby Doobie Doo– Where are you?” jump on them and away we would go.

It’s also fun to paint snow. The whole trick is to know where to play the light against the dark, like the buried fire hydrant. Paint the shadows first. For example, I painted these evergreen trees like Dairy Queen cones and then added the branches. Snow often appears darker on vertical shapes and lighter on the ground.  The top is a painted maze of snowy branches in varying shades.

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