Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – A Star is Born

Painting A Nativity

Painting a Nativity

Paul and I took a quick weekend trip to London a few years back and were routed through Amsterdam. At the airport, there was a live manger scene. Mary and Joseph were also live models and the animals were fenced in around them. As I circled around with my camera Paul said to me, “Ellen I think this camel likes me. Watch, if I go over here he will follow me”. He walked around to the opposite side, and sure enough, the camel walked between all of the animals across over to him. Paul then said “take a picture of me with the camel”. So I took his picture telling Paul “I think you are right”, the camel was drooling. You never know what you can attract.

A Star is Born is my most popular Christmas Card!

Drawing skills really enable you to compose a painting. Because I had to stand so close to take pictures, the animals needed to be rearranged to fit my vision. The donkey didn’t move away from the fence so he stayed in the foreground. Both horizontal and vertical compositions were explored. The starry sky was great for filling in the background. Notice the figures are more colorful and how the straw connects to Joseph in color. Since it is a night scene the piece is darker. Baby Jesus, the focal point, is wrapped in the whitest white.







Great Christmas Gift – Next In Line Puzzle

Due to a glitch in the website, my puzzle was not available and the sale has been extended!

The price shown is $10.00 off. Order today or tomorrow if you’d like the puzzle to arrive by December 23rd. We will add free gift wrapping with a note and ship them to who you want if you write down details in notes. There are only 10 left. Merry Christmas to all!!







Next In Line Puzzle


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