Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Shepherds Light

Setting A Scene

Setting a Scene

In Shepherd’s Light, the angels light up the sky singing while the shepherds watched over their sheep. This was the first painting created for my children’s book Samson’s Gift that took 6 years to create, winning the 2015 Gold Illumination award in the Keepsake/Gift/Specialty Bible Category. Thinking he looked the part, I cautiously asked Pastor Erik Waters to model as the father of Tedra, along with my daughter Brittany and her friend Elizabeth as shepherds and Page as Tedra. Happily on modeling day, Pastor Erik said “I grew this beard just for the pictures”.

Regarding the scenes, Ann Braaten helped me find costumes for my models. Before we met the pastor, Elizabeth’s dog Millie modeled under a blanket which I later painted Samson’s face on. The hardest part was selecting Samson’s friends Joseph & Jacob from 500 sheep photos. Eventually two markedly interesting and inspirational lambs were recognized from Audrey Kloubec’s farm, visited 2 years in a row. Janet Jacobson, of the Wooly Girls, took pictures of her Merino ram Bernard for me, based on my sketches. Bernard’s cooperation level required two different days to complete the shoot. My daughter Monica also filled in as Tedra as several key photos of Paige’s face were blank in the shadows.

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