Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Pepper Pot

Overlapping Shapes Create Connections

Overlapping Shapes Create Connections

This spring I bought a jalapeño plant. It needed to be watered twice a day and protected from the squirrels as they kept trying to hide things in the dirt. When it started bearing fruit, we harvested some green ones and then some started turning red. They taste especially good when red. The plant is now inside and full of red jalapeños – very festive looking- a future painting for sure. Any suggestions for storing more bountiful jalapeños than you can eat?

In Pepper Pot all of the colorful vegetable pieces are overlapping. Overlapping shapes connect and it is one of the best ways to move the eye through the picture plane. The peppers in particular are fun to overlap because their hook shaped stems are light green. Notice how the stems are placed slightly off center to anything they are overlapping. When symmetrical shapes overlap, they become more interesting because their shape is no longer expected.







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Underbrush Gallery –Fargo, ND, The Capital Gallery – Bismarck, ND has a new home like gallery addition that would be fun to see. Sapphire Gallery in Jamestown,  and The Forest Edge Gallery is still open on weekends in Vergas, MN through December.



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