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Painting of the Week – Part of a Landscape

Paint Quality

Paint Quality

Do you enjoy taking a little boat ride through the reeds? In Minnesota, Paul and I enjoy visiting the dam off of Echo Bay, where it turns into the Pelican River. We often brought friends in the boat to party on the lake and get tan. It almost always started out with Paul hollering “Echo, Echo”.  Then we took a slow trip between the reeds to check out the dam. You have to keep a minimum wake. The stream is alive with sounds of the birds, insects and the rippling water. This is a sliver of a painting I’m working on that tells such a story.

Please look at the pretty paint pictured. It is so easy to overwork a watercolor. Most of the paint was put on very slowly; by just adding another color next to another color, letting it mix itself and then leaving it alone. Watercolor does not like to be disturbed. This is a goal of mine to have good “paint quality”. When you see that, you can appreciate the paints true beauty.

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