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Painting of the Week – Impressionistic Reflections

Using a Grid for Relfections

Using a Grid for Reflections

I don’t know much about swans other than that they are territorial. We see a few swans here and there, mostly in cozy little ponds in the lake country. A common past time of several neighbors on our beach seems to be experimenting with ways to keep geese off our lawns. For example, Judy, next door, stuck two life sized plastic swans into the sand, one on either side of their dock. I believe her  goal was to use “an experiential fear of swans” to discourage the geese. It kind of worked…not!

Last weekend from our hot tub, I watched a large family of geese swim up onto the shore in front of her dock. The Gander took the lead and carefully walked up towards Mr. Plastic pausing at every step without averting his eye from him. When he was in the ideal position, ready to attack at the slightest provocation, he motioned with his wing to his large family of big goslings to quickly pass between himself and the dock. They gleefully headed southward and immediately started pecking the lawn energetically before resting (etc.) on the grass after their meal. Had that been a real swan, I’m sure this would be a different story

In Impressionistic Reflections first an irregular grid  was drawn over the painting surface. The watercolor was flowing on this one and the grid gave me areas to start and stop for better control. By  pre-coloring some of the spaces it inspired an exaggeration of color and broke up the background  in unusual ways. I really like the brushwork that created some related geometric pattern in the neck of the main swan.







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