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Painting of the Week – Friendly Maintenance

Dry Brush Texture

Dry Brush Texture

Have you ever seen a horse get shoed? It’s hard to relate to having a shoe nailed into your hoof but this horse didn’t seem to mind at all. In 4th grade my Mom let me buy 2 books every month offered by Scholastic Book Club to improve my readings skills. I bought every horse book offered. One book described in detail the process of cleaning, scraping and smoothing the hoof. Believe me, painting this man shoeing a horse was far more interesting to me than reading about it. I began Friendly Maintenance as a demonstration for the Minnesota Watercolor Society which later won a Merit Award in the Watercolor Art Society-Houston’s International Exhibition in 2001.

This painting is full of a variety of visual textures. First, the light values of the fall willow trees were layered beyond the open doors. The “dry-brush” technique was used to create the rough sawn look of the wood.  The trick is to drag your brush flat, almost horizontal to the paper with less water in it so it only colors the highest point of the textured paper.  This creates a sparkly affect. Several different colors were dry-brushed next to each other to create the spots on the horse’s rear end. The beams were painted side by side before they were totally dry so the paint bled, giving it a web like appearance rather than a perfectly straight line.








FMVA Studio Crawl

THIS WEEKEND | October 2 -3 from 12:00-6:00 p.m.

Please stop by my studio at 3374 Maplewood Court, Fargo, ND.  A mask is required. Be the first to see many new unique and colorful originals and take advantage of some great specials:

  • A free pack of cards when you bring a friend!
  •  A free single matte on unframed originals!
  • Register to win a $250.00 Gift Certificate!
  • Learn more about how I create my art!


Color Design Workshop

Fargo Holiday Inn | October 5th-9th

(Online and in Person)

Learn fun ways to simplify and design your painting with color! We will explore and practice many layering techniques, color dominance, and warm & cool palettes in my upcoming Color/Design class. I booked two big beautiful rooms at the Holiday Inn so students can spread out and each have a 6 foot table. We have a large TV screen so you can paint away in your spot yet but watch up close. I will come around in my mask to help. It will be fun working with students in person and online. Please don’t let Covid-19 keep you away. This class is limited to 12  physical participants. There are still a few “in person” openings available and for online only.

When you sign up you gain permanent access to the edited video later so be sure to record your log in!




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