Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Fresh New Day

Painting of the week – “Fresh New Day” by Fargo Artist Ellen Jean Diederich

Like most of you, I am looking forward to the trees budding out this spring. It’s been so long since we have seen green that it almost seems like a dream to smell fresh cut grass and seeing flowers growing again. My painting, “Fresh New Day”, feels like a promise that it is getting warmer. Soon we will be able to walk about without a coat. Yah!

I have always been a fan of big Elm trees. It is beautiful how they connect creating a canopy over the streets. The branch structure is fascinating and so elegant. They add beauty on every trip I make down town, in all of their different stages. I love how the trees reflect on the closest car in my painting.  Do you want free postcards of this painting? You pick some  up at my upcoming show at West Acres (see below)or get 5 free with an online card order.

For “Fresh New Day”, I had to paint quickly and carefully, considering the rounded form of the trees and light source. The branches had to be connected immediately between the leaves and branches. See how the top right the branches are actually green alternating with red. The vertical lampposts connect nicely with the tree forms leading you to the reddish buildings in the distance. The cool dominance of the foreground suggests the coolness of the shade from the trees.

Workshop News – I had an epiphany about my color class and modified my syllabus. Focusing on one color will really help you apply color theory to any color you want to explore. Also, please note for kids classes, sponsoring adults can sign up to paint with their student. Find out more under events!

Mark Your Calendar for “That Spring Art Thing” April 12-13 10 am to 9 pm at West Acres Mall, Fargo  – near Macy’s. Celebrate the Arts this Spring!  See what’s new and about specials for the show next week!

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