Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Lady of the Woods

Scale is Important

I was introduced to the Pink Lady Slipper by my mother. They were growing in what she called her natural garden. These beauties were along Highway 34 near Detroit Lake, MN. This Minnesota State Flower is illegal to pick, but doesn’t mind its picture taken.

This is the first lady slipper painting that I have completed and like, mostly because the flowers were painted smaller. Earlier, I tried to paint them bigger than life, focusing on details but they looked more like aliens than flowers. This time I decided to paint them closer to life size and in a big cluster. Showing more flowers and less detail kept this free and painterly. Stamping and some environmentally friendly ferns were added and used as a design motif.

Size is important not only to subjects for looks but about what you want to say. You can enlarge or diminish the importance of your subjects by their scale. Stylistically, my work is considered loose, and I am generally more comfortable painting a bigger piece. It is interesting to see how this is different for each artist.

Celebrate Spring with Art!

Please stop out to West Acres in Fargo this weekend to my booth near Macy’s. There are pre-issue discounts ($10-$25) on three new giclées “Lady of the Woods, Perennial Cascade, and Diva-La-Dahlia”. See them in person or order online today! Ten artists are exhibiting.

That Spring Art Thing

Friday and Saturday April 12-13

10:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Near Macy’s at West Acres Mall, Fargo