Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Fargo Blues

Fargo Blues

The Fargo Street Fair starts today and I will not be there this year. It is great to miss the work of setting up my booth, but I will truly miss seeing you. Enjoy the fair but please don’t look for my booth.

Over the years, I painted several cityscapes of downtown Fargo in the warm red tones. Fargo Blues is a cool dominant painting. In my watercolor class this week, we worked at using atmospheric effects that create distance.  Using aerial perspective, objects were painted lighter and cooler in the distance or warmer and darker of it in the foreground. In Fargo Blues, the underlying grid adds the impression of additional distant buildings.







Not At the Street Fair Special

I’m passing my savings of not having a booth onto you with this once in my lifetime Sale! Purchase any giclee online and get a FREE pack of cards (a $8.95 value) or 2 FREE PACKS with any giclee over $200.00. This sale applies to each giclee ordered by 7/17/2022. Click free pick up to avoid shipping charges. Request your free cards in notes.  I’ll email you back about pick up times. Thank you, have a great weekend!

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