Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Fall Scenery (in progress)

Is It Done

Is It Done?

Many times my students ask me how to tell when a painting is done. Here is one that I’m stuck on. It could be done. Sometimes I hear like a star sound in my head and I know it is done…that hasn’t happened. It needs something, but my tendency is to figure that out by hacking full force into it. It is better to wait and let my emotions to become detached, and then make a decision.

When considering a dramatic change, it is best to give yourself a break first. Sometimes you have to get it out of your sight to forget what it looks like. Put it away in a closet. In fact, In the Beauty was put away three times before I got it. For faster results, looking at it in the mirror can really help you see something wrong that you have gotten used to looking at. It is important to decide about changes so you can go forward bravely.







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