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Painting of the Week – Choices

Center of Interest

Center of Interest

This painting portrays a story. The man is focused on the wine and I don’t think his gal wants another glass. The sun is starting to set and the warm light colors the room. People are gathering, waiting to meet others. It is time to unwind. I really like this painting which is all about “Choices”.

The darkest dark against the lightest light is generally the most effective way to build the center of interest. In this painting, a lot of attention is given to the background but the values range is limited, pushing it back. Overall, the temperature is warm but becomes dramatically cool in the forward figures. Notice how the light door casings lead to and from the figures. There are irregular boxy variations of color leading towards the smallest shapes in his hands. The dark green bottle contrasts the lightest lights.

Now is the time to sign up for my online workshop “Building Your Center of Interest” which starts March 17th for Three Wednesday’s”. I plan to focus on each individual student. You will practice specific exercises and take home samples that demonstrate multiple ways to develop compositions successfully. I look forward to having the opportunity to paint with you!








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