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Painting of the Week – Animal House – A Tri-College Manifestation

Historical Roots

Historical Roots

This painting revisits a former theme developed during a very creative period in my art.  It started during a chicken painting. After taping off the bottom 3/4 of a watercolor sheet, I started practicing painting chickens on the top 1/3 while waiting for the paint to dry. It was so much fun. The practice continued all the way across creating a border. I started playing with chickens as a theme, putting them into boxes, then the boxes turned into windows of classical architecture. This was a very significant choice as I had to give myself permission to have fun and not worry whether or not it was serious art. It was very good for my creativity.

Animal House took the theme further when I realized the Rourke Art Museum (building shown from the north side) lines up with Concordia College to the South, MSUM to the East and NDSU to the West. The three mascots were used to break up the long horizontal spaces on top and three cows, which are the color of the building, were placed in the foreground. When the movie Animal House came to mind, I painted my favorite domestic animals into the windows. 

You  may bid online for this piece and many other wonderful works at the Spring Gala with its Wonderland Theme now and help support the Plains Art Museum. 

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