Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Trolley Rides, Hang On!

Change the Intensity in your Color for your Center of Interest

Change the Intensity in your Color for your Center of Interest

I thought I’d spice things up with an old San Francisco painting. This was from the first AGC convention I attended with Paul, right after our honeymoon. There was so much to see and the city was so alive. Cable cars clanked loudly taking us to the Wharf for dinner one night. We went to a party where the flowers were so tall, they were 5 feet over anyone’s head. There were chocolate covered strawberries filled with Champagne. Luckily, I wasn’t one of the ladies who screamed when they bit into them as they poured out on their dresses. I remember asking for pink wine as I liked the Zinfandel then. A man told me if you mix red wine and white wine you would get pink. I think he knew I was an artist.

Anyhow, in this painting, I love how the playful shapes of color reflect off surfaces suggesting the energy of the city. This painting has three light and one darker corner that have minimal contrast. You can change the intensity in your color for your center of interest. You know where I want you to look by the more descriptive shapes and intense color & contrast on the trolley car.  This was probably painted in the fall of 1990.


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