Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Fall Still Life

Beautiful Studies

Beautiful Studies

At a past fall workshop, students brought in a fruit or vegetable to set up this still life and we practiced drawing and painting. The pre-dominantly warm colors of the squash sparkled against the magenta mums that created cascading shadows in these Fall Still Life studies. They were a joy to paint. Lovely as a pair, these studies with their color and unique freshness would brighten any room.

A study is a great opportunity to loosen up and see something new without any preconceived ideas.  For example, see the royal blue wash infiltrated with orange between the yellow squash. Look how the Indian Red color mixes with the pinks and the underside of the Buttercup squash.







Walter Piehl of Minot, ND gave my painting Heading for the Hills a Juror’s Award!  He is such a great artist and a painter of horses, so this is quite meaningful for me. It is also the Second Award this painting has won! This view is from the Stable Gates in Medora where you can take trail rides. You can visit the gallery in person or make a quick walk through the show online here that includes works from all levels of painters.

If you purchase this piece online by November 3rd,  I will transfer the commission to BAGA or please contact them directly at [email protected] or 701-223-5986.

Telling A Story

“Autumn Artistry  79th Annual Fall Art Show”is on display through November 3rd at the Bismarck Art and Galleries’ Association, in Bismarck, ND


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