Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Hollywood Believe It Or Not

High Key Painting

High Key Painting

I am visiting my painting Hollywood Believe it of Not with total love. By mixing in some commercial graphics, its focus on being in Hollywood is subtle and the painting is more about the experience of the people there. Notice several loose circles repeated through the picture like a motif. The darker tones organize the sidewalk passageway. 

As an artist, I have access to art all of the time. It must feel very special for you as a collector to have paintings you love. You likely notice something different when you look again and may have your own personal story about each piece. 

High key paintings (a predominance of lighter values) are often about mood and the time of day. Things get washed out in the light, like the bizarre alligator on the rooftop of  Ripley’s Believe it or Not franchise. Contrast can be reduced to take the viewers focus elsewhere. Color of similar values moves your eye through paintings and the darks still pop things out even though they are not as dark as black. 







P.S. I am currently focusing on developing the  mood more  in my painting through experimentation in  upcoming work. Please feel free to share your feelings about moods in art.


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