Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Palm Perspective

Painting Struggles

Painting Struggles

In one of my classes, a student beautifully painted a small pink chicken and later painted a large plant below it on the same practice sheet. Seeing it for the first time during critique, I commented, “It’s looks like this plant is saying ….Whats the deal with that chicken?” The whole class giggled. The Palms in Palm Perspective remind me of this as they feel like they are looking over a hidden waterfall to the valley below.

My first impressions of the Fan Palms was of amazement and beauty, yet capturing that has been a struggle. After realizing I’d made their tops too big and hairy, like a chicken with too big a head, I took tape and squared off the tops narrowing them. It looked hopeful. Then I added more gridded shapes and gouache (opaque water-media) to this piece. This palette is very attractive as many of the colors are grayed or of the same value range (lightness or darkness of a color).






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