Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Single Peony

Bigger Shapes have an Impact

Bigger Shapes have an Impact

This painting was created after Paul and I enjoyed a memorable road trip along the coast of California from Santa Barbara, to the Wine Country, to the Sequoia Forests. I first discovered the Single Peonies blooming on tall bushes in Monterey, California. The flowers, sparkling in the light, were probably 5” to 8” wide.

Currently, I am looking at different ways of developing the center of interest in my paintings. In this piece, the largest peony becomes the focal point simply because of its bigger size compared to the other flowers and bigger shapes have an impact. To develop that more, the colored shadows on the largest flower are more detailed enhancing its drama. In the background, there are many groupings of small shapes and textures – which are also repeated in the center of the flower. Their darker and contrasting repetitive patterns also push the flowers forward. The warm center of the main flower comes forward and the cool colors of the background go back.


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