Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Golden Reserve

Using Complimentary Color Backgrounds

Using Complimentary Color Backgrounds

On a road trip to Chicago I called Paul saying, “I just drove by herd of cows with long horns and long hairs – they were so cute I may have imagined them”. Then on a drive from Rapid City, South Dakota, I discovered a large herd of West Highland cows- they did exist! After taking 35 pictures of them, I looked down the road and took the background shot in this painting. Ever since, that photo has been haunting me to paint it. After submitting several sketches of yellow sunflowers, the one with the blue violet grain elevators was commissioned and I finished “Golden Reserve” this week.

Violet is the compliment of yellow and one of the ways you can bring out the center of interest in a painting. The blue distant grain elevators receded, and by making the road more violet as it approached the sunflowers, it emphasized their importance. Putting your warmest warms against your coolest cools and using complimentary color backgrounds is one of many alternatives of contrast an artist can use to make their subject come forward.

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