Let’s Talk Gardening.

Fellow Gardeners,

We are approaching our favorite time of the year.

We always hope it will happen sooner, but let’s face it, we live in Fargo, ND. Our gardening time frame is a whole different ballgame.

Every year I plant flowers in my yard and also tend to the garden at the lake.

I love growing vegetables and flowers of all kinds.

Is it even possible to choose a favorite type of plant or flower? I’m not sure I could.

Anyways, in 2006, I published a calendar with garden paintings and a tip for each month.

Today, I was thinking about April’s tip which happened to be about pansies.

Eric Baker, owner of Baker Nursery Gardens, graciously provided me with my April tip for the calendar.

“Now is the time to finalize your garden plan, start vegetable seeds & transplant houseplants that will eventually be taken outside. If you must plant something outside, try some cold tolerant annuals like pansies or violas. Create movable gardens with pots and planters you can bring inside when those unexpected cold nights appear”

Pansies are a great flower to grow in cooler weather.

Check out the link for more information on pansies and get to planning your garden!

p.s. If you like this painting, it’s from my book, Where’s Petunia, which makes a great Easter gift for your little ones!