Just Add Flowers, Blah to Brilliant.

Monday is here and  I have a post to make your day a bit easier!

First of all, I want to thank everyone that came to my demonstration on Sunday in Hopkins, MN. I had a wonderful time and you were a great crowd!

The event was hosted by Dillman’s which is where I will be doing a workshop in May.

Today’s post is inspired by mundane Mondays.

I found this lamppost and generally speaking, there isn’t anything too exciting about a lamp. They can be viewed as mundane objects, but this particular one had a beautiful floral basket hanging from it.

Doesn’t it seem like flowers liven up anything? To me they give off a positive feeling and provide beautiful color to almost any composition.

This specific lamppost happened to be more beautiful than the average lamppost. It was old, iron and had all of these beautiful curls at the top. What the flowers did for this piece was break up the straight black post it hung from.The post was very dark and ran from the top to the bottom of the painting and would have dominated the canvas. To avoid this, the flowers are used to interrupt this strong vertical.

Value was very important while painting this piece. Colors from the flowers are used in the background to connect and camouflage the post in different places. The whole piece is very active but seems to work because of the repeated dark verticals going across the lower half of the picture.