Meditation, Reaching Mind Clarity.

Have you ever meditated?

If you have never tried, get on that!

I found that when I meditate before I paint it is usually an amazing painting session. With an ultra-clear mindset I am able to focus solely on my paintings and block out the noise of everyday life.

Meditation was an inspiration for my series Healing Garden which features 10, 12” X 12” stretched canvases.

This series includes Passion, Joy, Wisdom, Healing, Clarity, Tenderness, Purity, Harmony, Forgiveness and Power.

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A quick background on Clarity.

I went down to my studio and began drawing out a composition. I had planned to do this from some pictures I took at a botanical garden in Grand Cayman. I drew out the arrangement and I carefully drew an irregular curved grid across the page.

Sometimes when I am painting in my studio I think out loud. That day I was thinking about Monet since I was painting water lilies.

I said out loud “Hey Monet, do you want to paint water lilies with me in watercolor?” He must have heard me because the grid went on in the most magical glass like washes. It was a peaceful painting period and I don’t remember anything but having fun.

What helps you relax?