New Thoughts about Painting

Grand Greenery | Part I

I am excited to share with everyone my latest painting in progress! There is quite a bit of work put into this painting, so I am going to be splitting up my blog post for it into three parts.

George Town Grand Cayman Island


Original Sketch

Here is the piece I am working on of Grand Cayman. It started out in a sort of weird trial stage. In all my enthusiasm to continue working, I forgot to take a photo of the very beginning phase.

Anyhow, I first started with a gold gesso. I drew in the painting with a metallic magic marker and painted in the sky lightly over the gold gesso. Next, the dark roofs and dark shapes were painted in. Concentrating on this part was exhausting and also demanding, plus the painting wasn’t too ‘exciting’ to look at yet. At this point, the roof lines needs to be changed. Dull grey shadows were painted onto the church next.

With acrylic it is normal to paint dark to light before detailing anything.

Instead of continuing in the right order, I instead put the whites on the church, but it was helpful to me. I really need to work on the shapes in the foreground and make necessary changes before any more details are put in.


George Town Grand Cayman Island

Until next time! -Ellen