Grand Greenery | Part II

Weeding the Foreground
In my last post, I said I had to work on the roof lines of the buildings and
the foreground. Well I was busy at it today. It required a little weeding
first…both of my mind and what was in my pictures to pick from. The
Margaritaville is across the street from what reminds me of an ocean side
waiting line at Disneyland. This is where the cruise ship visitors get in
line to exit back onto ferry boats that take them to their ship. There is a
maze of docking lines and they just about ruin every photograph of
George Town, Grand Cayman. Besides these walkways, there is still a little
bit of beach, a few trees and place the fisherman sell their fresh catch
every day. My husband Paul and I love to go there to pick out a fresh fish for dinner.
Well I had to be an artist. My mind kept saying I don’t want to paint those
walkways…not just because they would be hard to do but they are just
basically ugly despite the tourism efforts to keep them nice. Painting them
would really take an effort to make them beautiful and they would only be
distracting. So I weeded them out. I decided to block them from view with
cars, a little vegetation and some figures. I also simplified the blue
roofed building…another menagerie of brown brick and black windows. It
looks dark and dreary to me from across the room so more work on that will
be required. I will be adding additional figures to the porch. My big
Palm tree looks like it is going to fall over any moment, so I’ll have to
work on the that. Anyhow, today I see that the painting is starting to take
shape and I like it so far. Lots of work left.


Weeding the Foreground

Until next time! -Ellen