Grand Greenery | Part III


Here is the next stage on my painting. Today I focused on the shrubbery; it helps to make a decision like that on such a big painting. When I first looked to go to work, I felt overwhelmed about going forward. When I decided to just work on the trees and bushes
there were a couple of things to do first like working more on my steeple
and placing the little blue roof.  The first greens on the palm tree looked
so dark, but I was again going dark to light. So then I chose to do the
opposite and go light to dark. I am still trying to weigh the balance of
color between the two palm trees. Logic tells me I have to cool down the one
in front of the tree and simplify it as they look similar in color and
equally active. In addition to the trees,  I roughed in some figures on the
deck. Margaritaville simply needed more tourists having fun 🙂 ! This all took
tremendous concentration and I was glad to quit painting and write this down
for you.



Thanks for reading! Be sure to watch for the finished painting on Facebook.