New Thoughts about Painting

Accepting – and Learning – From Rejection

Accept where you are with your art. It is exactly the right place to be. To be a beginner is a glorious state. You are free of the responsibilities of being a professional. Experiment with many mediums to broaden your thinking. Your job is to be open-minded and to develop skills that you can refer to later.

An overnight success is rare and probably just assumed. When artists reach success earlier than others, they probably learned a great deal from successful artists by modeling good behavior and instilling good habits from the beginning.

The phrase “enjoy the process” is a good goal. These steps make the process work:


The first word—reject—is key. You must reject some of your work if you are growing. Let it build you–not stifle you. Success happens when we face rejection and continue working at what we believe in, usually improving little bits and pieces until success is there for all to see!  Do not despair. Remember, you aren’t the only artist experiencing this; rejection will knock out’ most of your competition. Be proud of the fact that you can persist through it.


SIESTA 14″ x 34″

Siesta is from a trip to Marbella, Spain. Your finished art can make a beautiful journal of your life to share with others.