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Painting of the Week – Any Color As Long As It’s Black

Simple Color Concepts

Happy New Year ? It’s been a rough 2020 and I am sure all of us are hoping 2021 is so much better. Please stay safe!

Simple Color Concepts can be Inspiring

Paul and I went on a family vacation to Florida in 2000 and visited the Henry Ford Estate. While there, I peeked into Henry Ford’s family garage and took a picture of his Model T’s. His personal favorites, the black cars had strongly constructed gold metal trim. Our guide explained that as the car industry grew, the competition started offering color choices. When Henry’s loyal customers started asking for colored cars he nearly bankrupted the company by answering their requests saying, “You can order a car in any color as long as it’s black”.

In “Any Color as Long as it’s Black” my goal was to use a medley of beautiful dark colors which would glow but give the appearance of black. Adding the shafts of light suggested night driving and the casted light broke up the shapes on the page. You can make a colorful dark by giving it a dominant hue such as bluish, greenish, brown like etc. Colorful darks can be powerful. For example, by placing a violet dark around a lighter color compliment, (gold) it makes the light color pop. Please notice the variety of color in the darks.


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