Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Pink Rider

Building Transparent Layers with Watercolor

Building Transparent Layers with Watercolor

Perhaps you know the joy of introducing someone young to one of your favorite activities! Out at the Red River Fairgrounds, my friend Sue took me to see the horses in a competition.  This little rider stole my heart with her pink shirt, chaps and pony and you can see her family was even keener about her.  The horse on the left magically looks interested in the young girl.

The secret of this painting is that the horse on the left was moved to overlap the mother and placed carefully to create eye contact with the pink rider. Look closely how this painting exploits the transparency of the media. The big shapes are painted first and they are described even more with transparent washes on top. The mother’s shirt and hair show several layers to create pattern. The top layers are also kept transparent so that light bounces off the paper below.

**Watch and learn how to do this on both simple and complex shapes in my upcoming workshop:

Building Transparent Layers in Watercolor

September 22-25  9:30-4:00 Tuesday-Friday.

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