Spring Fever in Fargo.

It is that time where the only thing we can think about is Spring, March 20th marks the official beginning of Spring. We are sick of this cold weather and are ready to welcome more sun and longer days. Every spring the flowers bloom reminding us that, indeed, there is a color other than white that belongs on the ground. This image called Spring Fever is a fun representation of all these emotions we feel as winter ends. Flowers are one of my favorite subjects to paint. I have painted them countless times, yet each time I am creating a new floral image it is different and unique from the last.

If you love to paint flowers as much as I do, I have created a workshop for all of you! April 14th – 17th I am teaching a watercolor workshop at the Holiday Inn in Fargo. This workshop is solely dedicated to garden and floral paintings. I will teach you how to create volume and freshness in your floral paintings with watercolor both in landscape and still life. You will learn new ways to use and develop basic skills. I have a blast teaching workshops. I invite people of all different skill levels because at these workshops you have the ability to work at your own pace. I always start my workshops with the basic skills necessary. Please email me [email protected] for more information on this workshop!